Melted Queso Dip with Crumbled Bacon Recipe

Calling all cheese and bacon lovers!

We have a brand-new mouthwatering pairing for you to enjoy – melted queso dip with crumbled bacon poured over our golden brown and perfectly fluffy Boardwalk Zeppoles.

Memories of summer carnivals and strolls along the boardwalk may come flooding back when you think of Zeoppoles, but these original, authentic Italian donuts are so much more than just sweet treats.

There is a whole world of savory flavor combinations for which Zeppoles are the perfect vehicle. Spice up your next birthday party, barbecue, or Superbowl event by serving your favorite liquid gold with perfectly fried crispy bacon – make sure it has just the right amount of crunch.

Hot melted cheese has an enhanced umami flavor that pairs perfectly with the salty taste of bacon – hitting two of the most essential flavor categories.

Once your Zeppoles are hot out of the oven, pour the melted queso dip with crumbled bacon over them and serve hot. Then sit back and be amazed at how fast your quests gobble up this delicious treat.

Get your order of Boardwalk Zeppoles today and get to cooking!