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Why Zeppoles are the Official St. Joseph’s Day Pastry

Why Zeppoles are the Official St. Joseph’s Day Pastry

Happy St. Joseph’s Day! Yes, there is another saint worth celebrating in March other than that snake charmer St. Patrick. If you are Italian or Italian-American you may already be acquainted with St. Joseph and the yearly celebrations that occur on his feast day. You...

What is St. Joseph’s Day?

What is St. Joseph’s Day?

With each new month, most of us scan the calendar and wonder – what holidays are coming up and whose birthday is this month? As we head into March, you might be asking… What is St. Joseph’s Day? In the tradition of Western Christianity, St. Joseph’s Day is the feast...

Top 10 Favorite Deep-Fried Desserts

Top 10 Favorite Deep-Fried Desserts

When you hear the words deep-fried desserts, what images form in your mind’s eye? Perhaps you think of state fairs, music festivals, fireworks, or maybe a trip down to the Jersey shore. We may differ in what comes to mind, but we can all agree there is no greater...

What Are Zeppoles?

Surprise your friends and family with these freshly made treats – the perfect addition to holiday celebrations, game day gatherings, or a midnight snack.

Golden brown and perfectly fluffy on the inside, Boardwalk Zeppoles bring the sweet tradition you know and love to any occasion in minutes.

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