Maria Pacillo’s Story

About Maria Pacillo of Boardwalk Zeppoles in New Jersey

Born in Belleville, New Jersey into a large extended Italian family Maria spent many summers at Seaside Heights at the Jersey Shore where Zeppoles were a childhood favorite where the irresistible smell and taste of freshly baked Zeppoles became closely associated with good times spent with her friends and family at the beach.

After Maria marries her high school sweetheart and has 3 daughters, Maria perfects her love of cooking and baking by going to work in the food service industry as a way to help pay her children’s way through college.

Maria eventually begins a successful catering business using longtime family recipes and the business takes off.

After the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center Maria commits to supporting the WTC rebuilding efforts and serves breakfast and lunch to hundreds of workers at Ground Zero.

After a dozen years of early mornings and raising her family. Maria decides to try something new and Boardwalk Zeppoles are born.

About Maria Pacillo of Boardwalk Zeppoles in New Jersey

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