Couldn’t recommend these more! So quick and easy to heat up in the oven and the taste was even better than the Jersey Shore!! I appreciated the packaging, including the powder sugar and a brown bag to shake up the Zeppoles in. I can’t wait to eat the rest of my order & then order more!!

Shelby B.

These are better than the Boardwalk! Perfect crispness, not greasy and taste delicious! I highly recommend!!!

Margie S.

So unbelievably delicious! You will feel like you will feel like you are eating them hot out of the fryer on the boardwalk it’s amazing! You won’t believe it! Each order comes with directions, follow those directions and then just sprinkle them with a little powdered sugar and you’re ready to go! We loved our entire order so much, we are ordering more!

Dianne V.L.

Absolutely fantastic! And the paper bag and perfect amount of powdered sugar is included. Didn’t have to struggle to make dough. No mess. My apartment doesn’t smell like oil. I had a delicious dessert ready in 12 minutes! Tomorrow I’m going to top with whipped cream and strawberries for zeppole shortcake!

Gia M.

These tasted incredible! So flavorful and fluffy, with a perfect crisp in the oven. These are the real thing, I’m going to have to buy a bigger freezer! Unique desserts. Great for children

Sean L.

Boardwalk Zeppoles | Gladstone, NJ